Adult Faith

Study, Prayer and Action! 

Study: Learning our faith

  • Join a small faith sharing or study group that meets regularly during the academic year - we have groups for mom's, singles, men, young adults, women; we have Bible study, book studies, faith sharing, and knitting
  • Attend a class or workshop - information available under Upcoming Events or in our weekly bulletin.
  • One great way to learn more is to be involved in the Becoming Catholic (RCIA) process as a sponsor or leader.
  • Read books, watch DVD's or listen to CD's available in the Library or on the Library Cart in the gathering space.

Prayer: having a relationship with God

  • Join us for Mass.
    • Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 8:30 & 10:30;
    • During the week we have daily Mass or Communion Service (Thursday) at 8:30am.  A Rosary or chaplet is prayed each morning prior to Mass.
  • Come pray in St Michael's chapel anytime the church building is open.  Not sure what do when you come to pray? There are some great pamphlets, cards, and books on a wooden stand just outside the chapel.  You may use any of these to aid you in your prayer time.  Still at a loss? No worries, Pope Francis encourages you come to the tabernacle to be with Jesus.  If you have no words, no requests, it's okay - allow yourself to be with Him, allow Him to look at you and love you.
  • Seven Sisters Apostolate: Seven women who spend one hour a week in prayer for Father Steve - lifting him in prayer daily!  For more information on how to become one of the Seven Sisters, or a sub, contact: Barb Bennett
  • Retreats are another way to grow in our love of God. OLIH has offered Christian Experience Weekends (CEW) here for over 20 years!  Many of those who have participated in CEW have found a stronger connection to God and greater sense of belonging to the parish. 
  • We do offer prayer events during the year -  such as praying the rosary in October, Day of reflection during Advent, Adoration during Lent and other opportunities that arise as the year goes on.  Watch the Upcoming Events for more information

Action: Living Matthew 25

  • Knit 1, Purl 2 (K1, P) - do you knit or crochet? Join this group the second Thursday of the month, (1-3 PM or 7:00 PM) or join with them spiritually from the comfort of your home - they make handmade items with love and prayer for a different charity each month.  What a gift for all who receive these handmade crafts! For more information contact Vicki Woodward at 965-7935 or Patty Cook in the office.
  • Amos - a grassroots organization looking to make a change!  Our local group is working on Mental Health Care. 
  • Knights of Columbus - The Knights are Catholic men age 18 and older who come together and do great things for our community.
  • Catholic Daughters - a women's organization focused on women and children.  There motto is "unity and charity."
  • Social Justice - be a part of the Peace and Justice committee or take a look at what they are doing.  It doesn't take much to get involved - just get in touch with the contact person on for the social outreach you would like to get involved in.