OLIH Foundation

Contact Information

Call the parish office if you would like more information on how you can be involved in the future of the church. Contact a foundation board member for assistance regarding information on wills, estate planning and contributing to the foundation.

Members (Who can join)

Call the parish office or contact one of the foundation board members if you are interested in serving.

Purpose / Mission

Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Parish Foundation is a permanent Endowment Fund. The purpose of the foundation is to establish permanent long term funding, of which only the interest income will be used for various spiritual or physical needs of the parish. The principal could be used only for a parish emergency or disaster.

Through this Foundation, individuals have an opportunity to give back to God in perpetual manner, a little of what God has given to them. Gifts may be given in celebration of or thanksgiving for new life, anniversaries, inheritances, in memory of deceased family or friends … specify certain stocks, securities, property or part of your life insurance to this worthy endowment … No gift is too small or too large.

Board of Directors

  • Fr. Steve Orr
  • Eric Stall - President
  • Bob Eimers - Vice President
  • Wayne Christ - Secretary
  • Ray Pick - Treasurer
  • Doris Ott
  • Paula Hick
  • Frank Kerkove
  • Raon Langel
  • Cletus Janni