Special Needs

Welcome to Our Lady's Faith Formation Program

Special Needs

Special Needs classes are available for students in need of assistance in the classroom. 

  • Special Needs children meet every other Tuesday from 5:30-6:30pm.

Kayla CurranAssistant Director for PK/K, Special Needs
Diane ThiererDirector of Faith Formation


This weekend Bishop Pates celebrates the sacrament of confirmation with six OLIH students with special needs. I have had the opportunity to work with these students, their families, and catechists for the last three years of their "formal" faith formation. I wanted to extend a whole-hearted thank you for the continuous support, faith and prayers of the students’ families, catechists and OLIH community in their faith formation journey! When I was supposed to be the one passing on the faith, I felt these students taught me more about the true, raw love for God and neighbor more than any textbook or theological writing ever could. I am excited to see them continue on their faith journey with the Holy Spirit by their side!

Please join me in congratulating John Anderson, Tristen Arnburg, Landen Jennings, Catherine McMullen, Jack McTaggart and William Sales in receiving the sacrament of confirmation!

—Kayla Curran Assistant DFF of Pre-k, Kindergarten & Special Needs