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The Pastor Writes...

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Summer season…As we enter the great time of summer,  I hope that everyone gets an opportunity for some rest and recreation after a busy year.  This can be wonderful family time, so take time to do some fun things together. Just remember, summer is not an excuse to take a vacation from God-time. There is usually a church nearby wherever you travel. Make it a point to check it out and join that community in praise of God. It's a wonderful way to experience the 'catholic'--universality of our faith. And, bring a copy of the bulletin back with you to give to Joan may just give her some more ideas!

Thank You for Your Generosity

You have been a wonderfully generous people. Right now we are receiving thanks back from all the organizations that your tithe helps support. This year our Peace & Justice Committee disbursed $ 32,450 to 28 organizations who help people deal with their every day problems. In addition, we took up a number of special collections this summer....


New Library

OLIH Library

The new Library (formerly Room 1) is now open. If you are looking for a quiet place to check out books on the faith and spend some time reading, you are more than welcome to stop by.

We will also be adding a historical display along the south wall so if you have any items, photos or stories you can share with us, please call Joan Ski, 964-3038.

Everything Old is New Again

Cabinet in Conference Room

So if we have a 'New Library' you may be asking, 'What happened to the old Library?'

It has been renamed the Conference Room and has a new built-in storage cabinet added. A big thanks to Brian & Jackson Graeve for their work on refurbishing the space with their carpentry skills!

The one large table has been replaced with a number of tables so the room can be more easily configured for different needs. It retains the 'comfortable chairs' and most groups that were assigned to it before will still be meeting in it.