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Thanksgiving…This week we celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving. We will have our Mass on Thursday morning at 9:00 am so that we can lift our hearts and voices in gratitude to God for our many blessings.  We are grateful for family, friends and for our beautiful country. With the many divisions that exist in our country today, the growing acts of violence, the speech which only inspires hatred and further division, we need to gather in prayer. Those who founded our country hoped for unity and a prosperous life for all. As we sing songs such as America the Beautiful and God Bless America, let us truly make them a prayer of thanksgiving and a pledge to each do our part in helping our country heal and grow stronger in unity. It will take a great deal of humility and courage on the part of everyone to bring about this healing. But what a wonderful gift our country is! Why would we not want to do our part to let its greatness shine forth, from sea to sea!

Christ the King…Next weekend is the final weekend of the church year. We celebrate the feast of Jesus Christ the Universal King. All things were created in and through him and all victory over sin and death belong to him. He is our one and only source for eternal life. He left the Church as his body on earth. He asked us to be a family of faith helping each other to live fully the gift of life each of us has received as a preparation for eternal life in heaven. We are called to help each other get to heaven! Jesus, who is Christ the King, is our Way, our Truth, and our Life. Let us follow him now and into eternal life.

Working on the Margins--CCHD Campaign

This week,  we will be collecting for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Over 46 million people in the USA live in poverty. This collection supports programs to empower people to identify and address the obstacles they face as they work to lift themselves out of poverty. By supporting this collection you give people  a hand up, not a hand out. Include ‘CCHD’ in the memo section of your check to direct funds to this charity.

Be Our Guest!

The next Family Promise Week at OLIH will be November 26-December 3. Please stop by the sign up sheet on the easel in the gathering space to see where you can help out. We need your help to make our families feel welcome!

...Are you available 4 times a year, 1 week at a time?

As a long-time partner with Family Promise, we would like to continue opening our doors to families who are temporarily down on their luck.

To continue doing so, we need an individual/couple/ family to step up and help        co-ordinate the week while the families  are here. Your duties are shared with another couple (Rob & Natalie Francis) and include being available in the evenings or mornings to oversee the process. 

There are 12 other religious congregations  in the area along with OLIH who strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for families temporarily homeless in our area. During our week as hosts, we try to create a home-like atmosphere where our guests will have a comfortable place to spend the night with care and respect. To succeed, a coordinator makes sure the volunteers are there to prepare meals, act as hosts for the evening, and spend the night.  

Could this be you?  Contact Becky for more info, 964-3038

Giving Thanks to the Lord

OLIH will hold Thanksgiving Mass at 9:00 am. Please bring the bread for your holiday table for a special blessing. There is no 8:30 am Mass on Thursday or Friday (November 23 & 24). The office will be closed both days for the holiday.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Attention all new mothers, new families, and expecting mothers! If the need arises during Mass or another OLIH ministry, please feel free to stop by the nursery to relax and nurse your little one in our dedicated space with rocking chairs.  This is also intended for any upset toddler who needs a little additional comfort. If you have any questions or feedback about this, please feel free to email our nursery co-coordinators, Laura Parsons and Molly Pendleton at

My Own Church

If you haven’t already, sign up for My Own Church—it gives you secure and personal access to the information in your family and member records. Go online and follow the directions to set up an account for yourself.  Did you know there’s an OLIH directory on there too? You can look up addresses for Christmas Cards—it even has folk’s pictures and email addresses.

Save the Date: January 20

OLIH’s annual Trivia Night is coming Saturday, January 20. Now’s your chance to figure out who your smartest friends and family members are to form a team. (Actually, ‘smart’ might not be the correct word. How about the person who just seems to know an awful lot about everything? And who can think it up without relying on Google?) Look for sign ups to start in December!

You Like us! You Really Like Us!

As part of our improved communication and upgrades in technology we want to consolidate some of our social media. We currently have both an Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart page and an OLIH Faith Formation page.  Over the next few weeks we will be using only the Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart page and will be asking that you “LIKE” this page to stay up-to-date on all things OLIH!


Have you stopped to see the Library in Mary's Place?

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We have moved the library closer to the gathering space so that it’s easier to find! It’s right across from the office now. Go into the Green Room if there’s nothing happening in there, get a cup of coffee and then check out the wonderful book selection we have or sit and read!  A word that gets used to describe this space is peaceful.  It is a peaceful place to go and relax, to sit and read, or even to sit and chat with a friend. Come and enjoy this part of Mary’s Place any time. The library is open anytime the building is open with the exception of a few meetings or events. Wifi is available in both rooms. (Password: ladiesheart) 

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