Mass at OLIH

Ordinary Time

Join us at Masses as you get ready to be back in school! Bookmark this page and visit often--it's updated weekly and seasonally with information on our upcoming liturgies. 

If you are interested in sharing your gifts and your time in our worship, check out the Liturgical Ministries page for information on getting involved.

Daily and Weekly Liturgical Resources  

    August 26-27, 2017: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


    Ordinary Parts of the Mass: June 24-October 1

    Mass of Renewal, by Curtis Stephan: Glory to God | Alleluia | Holy | When We Eat This Bread | Amen | Lamb of God

    Ordinary Parts of the Mass: October 7-November 26

    Mass of Creation, by Marty Haugen: Glory to God  | Gospel Acclamation | Holy | When We Eat This Bread | Amen | Lamb of God

    Reflect on the Sunday Gospel...

    Many of you who hold meetings at OLIH start them off with the Sunday reading, a reflection on it and questions to help you see how it relates to your own life and in your relationship with Jesus. In an attempt to make this an experience the whole parish can share, here are they are--

    • As I grow in relationship with Jesus how would I answer his question of “who do you say that I am?”

    • Do I share my understanding of who Jesus is with my family, my friends, and my coworkers? Is there a place where I feel challenged (have difficulty) in sharing my faith?