There are two great points I wish to spend some time with today:

First, Kelly talks about how his father always told him to "listen to your coach". Who is your coach in your spiritual life? Do you have somoene who helps you to discern choices or help you find the right direction? I'm currently taking classes to become a "Spiritual Director" someone who will listen and help my directee to find the holy within them. There are several Spiritual Directors in our parish and in the greater Des Moines area. Consider spending the time and money to work with a Spritiual Director who can help you to find the holy in your day to day. I know that come summer I will be looking for someone to commit to spending one hour a month with me for a year as part of my training - if you're interested in sharing your story and finding the holy within it, send me a message -

"If you want to be part of an excellent parish, stop waiting for someone else to make it one." (Page 136)

Second, for our parish to be excellent we need everyone to participate in making it excellent! What part are you playing? Do you see areas you think are lacking in our ministry to the parish community? Where might God be calling you?