UGH! You just knew that word was coming, didn't you? Self-discipline is HARD WORK! But I must say the rewards are grand! I know that the times I have been self-disciplined I have been greatly rewarded - whether it's been in my prayer life, getting into a good exercise or eating routine, or even just breaking away from watching TV or playing games on my phone. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER - no matter which area of my life I was being more self-disciplined in I noticed the rewards in body, mind and spirit! Self-discipline affects all areas of life!

The action step Kelly puts at the end of this chapter is great - "say no to yourself at least once every day." Can you do that? Can you deny yourself instant pleasure of that chocolate bar, or sitting down to watch TV or jumping into your pajamas with a good book as soon as you get home? Can you delay gratification at least once a day? Could this be a good Lenten practice this year?