Our worship of God involves each person who attends! When he washed the feet of his disciples, Jesus called them to serve one another, a call into which we are baptized. As a liturgical minister, people place their gifts at the service of the community to assist our worship of God. Take a look at how our parish family comes together in praise of God!

Are you new here? Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of those who worship each weekend? Click on any of the ministry names below for more information!

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September 14-November 29, 2019: Ordinary Time during Autumn
Liturgical Ministers | Music Ministers

The Assembly

Every time we attend Mass, we are a part of the Assembly, a visible expression of the Body of Christ in the world. When each week we take our place and lend our heart and voice fully to the worship of God, we witness to the power of God in our lives, and that is something of which we all are a part. One way to prepare for this weekend's worship would be to take a moment each week to look ahead to the readings, read and reflect.  Check out the Mass page on our website for a reflection on the readings and music for the upcoming weekend.

You might feel moved to share one of your gifts with our worshiping community. There is a place for you! Take a moment to look over the opportunities to assist with worship. Training is provided!  Ministers are assigned for each of the weekend liturgies; holiday liturgies are generally filled by volunteering.  Each ministry provides training and any necessary materials.

If you are interested in serving in any of these ministries, contact Kyle Lechtenberg, Director of Music and Liturgy, in the office, or send an email to the volunteer coordinator for the ministry you are interested in (see ministries listed below).

Liturgy Committee

Visit the Liturgy Committee's page! Click here.

Liturgical Music Ministry

Music is integral to the way we pray! Lend your voice or your instrument in praise of God who gave you the gift, and join almost 200 music ministers of all ages!

Musicians lead the Assembly in song and are critical to our worship of God. There are many opportunities within the music ministry, including choirs, cantoring and playing instruments. Kyle Lechtenberg will help you connect as a liturgical music minister.

Resources for Music Ministers

Weekend Musicians

  • Accompanists, cantors, instrumentalists scheduled as available and needed. Contact: Kyle Lechtenberg

Adult Ensembles and Choirs

Many of our choirs are set up differently beginning this year. Take a look at our offerings, and contact the director or organizer for more information!

  • Magnificat Choir: Tuesday rehearsals, 7:00-8:15 pm, sings monthly, including Christmas Eve 11 p.m., Holy Week, and Pentecost. Schedule | Contact: Kyle Lechtenberg

  • Trinity Ensemble Ensemble: Rehearses 75 minutes before Mass; sings monthly, All Saints, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday. Schedule | Contact Pam Washington or Kyle Lechtenberg

  • Holy Week Music Ministry: Adults and teens grades 8-12 who wish to sing for Holy Week rehearse Tuesdays 7:00-8:15 p.m. in March and April. Schedule | Kyle Lechtenberg

  • Regina Coeli: (Funeral Choir under the patronage of Mary, Queen of Heaven): sings for All Souls evening liturgy and as needed for funeral liturgies; rehearses second Fridays from 9-10 a.m. Schedule | Contact: Marilyn Kelley

  • Men’s Chorus: Men of the parish sing at liturgy in November, February, and May. Schedule | Contact: Jerry Tegels

  • Women’s Chorus: Women of the parish sing at one liturgy in December and March. Schedule | Contact: Vicky Anderson

Youth and Children’s Choirs

  • Youth Choir (Grades 8-12): Youth musicians in grades 8-12; rehearse Wednesdays 7-8 p.m. Sings monthly at 10:30 a.m. Mass., plus Christmas Eve, Easter, and Confirmation. Schedule | Contact: Erin Stoltenberg

  • Cherubim Choir (Grades 2-7): Children and youth in grades 2-7; rehearse Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 p.m.. Sings monthly at 10:30 a.m. Mass and Christmas Eve. Schedule | Contact: Jackie Carey

Hospitality Ministers

Greet the Assembly as they arrive; assist with the collection; pass out bulletins; and straighten up the church after dismissal.  Generally, they care for the people before, during and at the conclusion of our Liturgy.  They are the people who set the tone of welcome and who pay particular attention to the needs and comfort of those in the Assembly. Coordinator Kurt Larsen will help you connect with this ministry.

Cross Bearers

The entrance procession is not only a solemn introduction of the priest and other ministers to the sanctuary, but it is also a visible expression of the people becoming a liturgical community.   We follow the cross into the sanctuary, a reminder and sign that we are to follow the cross in our daily lives. Coordinator Don Ochs will help you connect with this ministry. 

Altar Servers (Acolytes)

When we gather for Liturgy, the Altar Servers take responsibility for freeing the presider from various details so he may give full attention to presiding.  Tasks include: Carry candles in procession to and from the sanctuary; presenting and hold the sacramentary (book of prayers) for presider at several times during Mass; carrying the candles to the ambo for reading of the Gospel; assist with preparing the altar for Liturgy of Eucharist and clearing the altar.  Coordinator Brian Fitzpatrick will help children ages 4th grade and older, as well as teenagers and adults, to connect with this ministry. 

Lectors and Commentators

In the absence of the Deacon, Lectors carry the Book of the Gospel in the Entrance Procession.  Lectors proclaim the Words of Scripture to the Assembly.  They are storytellers, sharing with us the story that identifies us as Christians.  They are charged with preparing many days ahead of time so that they are very familiar with the Scripture they are to proclaim.   The Book of the Gospel is not carried in the Recessional Procession, the Assembly is to take the Gospel out in the world. 

Commentators lead the Assembly in the Prayers of the Faithful at the end of the Liturgy of the Word. They also read the announcements before the dismissal. Both these roles encourage people to become more aware of and involved in various needs of the Church, the world, and our local community.

Coordinator Bill Konnath will help you connect with these ministries

Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is one who helps serve Communion during Mass. Eucharistic Ministers can also offer to take Communion to homebound and hospitalized members of the parish.  It takes about a dozen Eucharistic Ministers to serve at each Mass, so new ministers are always welcome! Coordinator Mitchell Arney will help you connect with this ministry. 

Art & Environment Ministers and Assistants

Liturgical Environment is used to foster the mood and focus of the Liturgical Seasons,  sometimes the mood is festive, other times the mood is penitence or anticipation , but always characterized by simplicity, dignity, and hospitality.   This group gathers primarily on a Saturday morning as the Liturgical Season changes. Coordinator Beth Boehlert will help you connect with this ministry

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

This ministry is for children ages 3 to grade 3 and is offered during the 10:30 am Sunday Mass. Children are dismissed after the opening of Mass to hear and discuss the scripture readings of the day. This is a great way for them to hear and talk about Bible lessons in language they understand. Teen and adult volunteers are needed for this ministry on an ongoing basis! Contact: Klaire Madden

Dates for the 2019-2020 school year are: Sep 15 & 29, Oct 6 & 20, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 1 & 15, Jan 5 & 19, Feb 2 & 16, Mar 1 (at 8:30), 15, & 29; Apr 26; May 10