OLIH Foundation

Contact Information

Call the parish office if you would like more information on how you can be involved in the future of the church. Contact a foundation board member for assistance regarding information on wills, estate planning and contributing to the foundation.

Members (Who can join)

Call the parish office or contact one of the foundation board members if you are interested in serving.

Purpose / Mission

Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Parish Foundation is a permanent Endowment Fund. The purpose of the foundation is to establish permanent long term funding, of which only the interest income will be used for various spiritual or physical needs of the parish. The principal could be used only for a parish emergency or disaster.

Through this Foundation, individuals have an opportunity to give back to God in perpetual manner, a little of what God has given to them. Gifts may be given in celebration of or thanksgiving for new life, anniversaries, inheritances, in memory of deceased family or friends … specify certain stocks, securities, property or part of your life insurance to this worthy endowment … No gift is too small or too large.

Board of Directors

  • Fr. Steve Orr

  • Cletus Janni - President

  • Eric Stall - Vice President

  • Wayne Christ - Secretary

  • Pat Quinlin - Treasurer

  • Sara Doruska

  • Bob Eimers

  • Tom Friedman

  • Paula Hick

  • Pat Martin


Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Charitable Foundation…Wonderful gift!.. When Father Gubbels was pastor (early 1980's), he established a parish Foundation to receive donations, bequests, and gifts that would be invested long-term for the future needs of the parish. Over the years a few donations were received, but when I came as pastor in 2005 the Foundation funds were only about $20,000. The Foundation Board at the time decided to work to increase awareness of the Foundation and solicit gifts. Through a series of workshops on charitable giving and estate planning, we know that the Foundation has been included in a number of estate plans among our parishioners. The Foundation also received several large donations totaling about $40,000 but the real growth of the Foundation funds has come through money we have received back from the diocesan capital campaign, Sharing God’s Gifts. When the bishop announced he would return 50% of the money raised to the local parish, our Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council decided that $250,000 would be donated to St. Luke’s to help them get established and the remaining monies coming back from the diocese would be split between the Foundation and our ongoing building fund. As you know with the building fund we have been able to replace the roof, install new heating/air condition for the church (the system failed the week after our first check from the diocese!), install new floors throughout the building, and do some painting and remodeling. This is all due to your generosity to the Sharing God’s Gifts diocesan campaign. The Foundation has been the other major beneficiary of your generosity. The Foundation funds now total $600,000. They are invested through the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa and are doing well. The goal of the Foundation is long-term investment. With the earnings from these investments, the Foundation Board can be of help to special needs in the parish. I am happy to announce that the Foundation Board has voted to give a $20,000 donation to our Pave the Way parking lot project. I am very grateful to the Foundation for their generosity. 

Any of the officers would be happy to visit with you about the Foundation.