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December 1-2: First Sunday of Advent/Fr. Steve's Celebration of Service

Here are some notes on the First Sunday of Advent, which also includes Fr. Steve's Celebration of Service. CLICK FOR MUSIC LIST


We're returning to Mass of Christ the Savior (with "Save Us, Savior of the World") for all liturgies December 1, 2018-March 3, 2019.

NEW Entrance Song: Come, Emmanuel

Penitential Act B: Mass of Spirit and Grace (Adapted; we've used this the past several years.)

(NO GLORIA during Advent except for the Immaculate Conception Holy Day.)

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 25: To You, O Lord (Scott Soper)

Preparation of Gifts & Altar: Holy is Your Name, by David Haas

Possibly Unfamiliar Communion Procession Music: Heart of a Shepherd, by Rory Cooney

Recessional Music: Dona Nobis Pacem (Traditional Round)


All music ministers, grade 2-Adult are invited to join in this 30-minute prayer service prior to the 2-4 pm reception. Contact your director by 11/28 to sign up: Kyle Lechtenberg, Erin Stoltenberg, or Jackie Carey.


12:45 pm: Gathering and seating in music area of church

1:00 pm: Music Rehearsal

1:30 pm: Prayer Service

Prelude, if time permits: Dona Nobis Pacem (above)

Entrance: Heart of a Shepherd (above)

Responsorial Canticle: Holy is Your Name (above)

The Lord's Prayer (chant)

Sending Forth (into retirement!): We Are Called


May 5-6, 2018: Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 5-6 Music List Senior Blessing at 8:30 am Mass!

April 28-29: Fifth Sunday of Easter

April 28-29 Music List Psalm Recording Communion Processional Music recording: Psalm 65 by Elaine Hagenberg

April 21-22: Good Shepherd Sunday; Fr. Michael Joncas visits!

April 21-22 Music List

This weekend we're thrilled to welcome Fr. Michael Joncas to OLIH for both Sunday morning Masses. He'll preach at the 8:30 and will preside and preach at the 10:30 a.m. Note also there's a baptism during the 8:30 a.m. Mass. And...don't forget the banquet right after 10:30 am Mass on Sunday and the Evening Prayer at 5 on Sunday!

Preparation Notes:

  • Entrance: "I Have Loved You." Sing all three verses and the refrains which follow. After the final refrain, continue seamlessly (attaca) with the the last six measures plus a two beats pick-up (the last five alleluias) of "Jesus is Risen." Recording of final refrain and alleluias
  • Psalm: Refrain from Marty Haugen Let Us Rejoice, using Alleluia in place of the words. Verses from Respond and Acclaim for 4/22/2018, transposed to F minor. Recording
  • At 8:30: After the homily is the baptism. Once Ila has been baptized and Fr. Steve says, "Amen," lead the congregation in singing the refrain to Celtic Alleluia once.
  • Preparation of the Gifts and Altar: "With Jesus As Our Shepherd," by Michael Joncas. Score Recording
  • Communion: No Greater Love. Congregation has only the refrain.
  • Sending Forth: The Day of Resurrection. Sing all 4 verses, then close with the last alleluia of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" (in A Major, of course). Recording

April 14-15 Responsorial Psalm

Here is the score and here is a recording of the Responsorial Psalm for April 14-15, the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Men's Chorus: Singing 4 Feb 2018, 8:30 a.m.

Thanks to those who were able to be at our practices. Great sound, and it was fun to get together. Next time we meet is 7:30 a.m. this Sunday, 2/4, to prep the 8:30 Mass.

I put together a YouTube playlist (click here) of the music for 2/4. If you have a chance to listen before Sunday, it'll help us get a head start...and help you tune into the liturgy for the day. First one, "Be Thou My Vision," will be the men's chorus only.

Even if you weren't able to get to the practices this time, please join us. We need your voice! See you Sunday!

Tuesday Choir, 16 Jan 2018: Lent Music

At last night's choir rehearsal, we looked at music for Lent, as well as the Mass parts for Lent and Easter (Heritage Mass). Take a few minutes each week to listen to recordings of some of the Lent music we did last night. See you next Tuesday if not before! Thanks for your ministry of music!

Click on the title for a recording:

  1. Chant Kyrie (Sundays of Lent and Holy Thursday)
  2. Chant Our Father (Sundays of Lent-Easter Vigil; possibly through Easter season.
  3. Jesus, Dulcis Memoria, by Thomas Luis Victoria, a 16th Century Spanish priest (Lent I and/or Palm Sunday)
  4. Part Learning videos for #3 above: Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Entrance Song: See, I am Near (Taize) Accompaniment only Verse 1|Verse 2|Verse 3|Verse 4|Verse 5|Verse 6

Penitential Act B: Mass of Spirit and Grace (Adapted)

Two options for the Responsorial Psalm each week:

  • Respond and Acclaim: [December 2-3][3] | December 8 | December 9-10 | December 16-17 | December 23-24

[3]: 4:

  • Spirit and Psalm: December 2-3 | December 8 | December 9-10 | December 16-17 | December 23-24

Prep of Gifts: December 2-3 | December 8 | December 9-10 | December 16-17 | December 23-24

Communion: Holy is Your Name

Hymn of Praise after Communion: Comfort, Comfort Now My People (Not quite this fast...but all the other videos were too slow!)

Varying verses of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" each week

Christmas Eve 11 pm Parts: O Holy Night

Here are some recordings to help singers learn the parts to music for Christmas Eve 11 pm Mass.

"O Holy Night," arr. Rene Clausen

Soprano 1: Debbie, Catherine,

Soprano 2: Judi, Diane, Marilyn

Alto 1: Sara, Jackie, Jeanne

Alto 2: Mary Ann, Marcia

Tenor 1: Charlie

Tenor 2: Dan, Don

Bass 1: Pat, Gale

Bass 2: John, Matt