April 21-22 Music List

This weekend we're thrilled to welcome Fr. Michael Joncas to OLIH for both Sunday morning Masses. He'll preach at the 8:30 and will preside and preach at the 10:30 a.m. Note also there's a baptism during the 8:30 a.m. Mass. And...don't forget the banquet right after 10:30 am Mass on Sunday and the Evening Prayer at 5 on Sunday!

Preparation Notes:

  • Entrance: "I Have Loved You." Sing all three verses and the refrains which follow. After the final refrain, continue seamlessly (attaca) with the the last six measures plus a two beats pick-up (the last five alleluias) of "Jesus is Risen." Recording of final refrain and alleluias
  • Psalm: Refrain from Marty Haugen Let Us Rejoice, using Alleluia in place of the words. Verses from Respond and Acclaim for 4/22/2018, transposed to F minor. Recording
  • At 8:30: After the homily is the baptism. Once Ila has been baptized and Fr. Steve says, "Amen," lead the congregation in singing the refrain to Celtic Alleluia once.
  • Preparation of the Gifts and Altar: "With Jesus As Our Shepherd," by Michael Joncas. Score Recording
  • Communion: No Greater Love. Congregation has only the refrain.
  • Sending Forth: The Day of Resurrection. Sing all 4 verses, then close with the last alleluia of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" (in A Major, of course). Recording