For the 15 months that I was working in Marshalltown I went to daily Mass every morning. Since I have come here I try to make at least once a week - for some reason I am struggling with this. So this year I am making it my Lenten committment to to Mass daily (it's how I started the habit before) - and pray that I get over whatever resistance is there for me!

One time in Marshalltown when I was at daily Mass I had a wonderful expereince that pushed me in my faith and that I will never forget. I cannot tell you what the gospel reading was, but as I listened I remember looking at our retired priest as he proclaimed it and thinking how much I wanted to hear his words of wisdom on this particular teaching that touched me heart... BUT his homily consisted of one question... one simple question that basically challenged me (well, all of us) to prayerfully consider what we would say? I remember sitting there stunned by him turning that back onto me and not giving me the answer - which takes us to surrender. Surrender to God and allow yourself to follow Him!

In a parish the size of OLIH it's not always easy to find those beautiful intimate moments in church. Daily Mass is beautiful! If you haven't come to a daily Mass give it a try - 8:30am Monday through Friday (Thursday is a Word and Communion service, not Mass). I know that for many this can be hard due to work schedules, but can you arrange just once a week to go to work late? Can you come to daily Mass on the days that you are off work?