I love the question that Kelly's dad would pose to them on Sunday morning:

"You don't have to go to Mass if you can tell me the one thing that you are going to do while I am at church with all your brothers that is more important than going to church and thanking God for another week of life." (page 99)

I can't think of anything better than going to Mass to say THANK YOU, GOD! Thank you for my life, thank you for the good things I have in my life, thank you for the people in my life, thank you for everything!

One way that I connect with the Sunday Mass is to follow along. I'm a visual person, so picking up the book and following along helps me to stay focused on what is happening and helps me to let it settle into my mind and heart. It's easy to sit in the pew and drift off to another place, then later say "that was boring", or "I got nothing out of Mass", but in reality what did we put into it to start with?

Reading the Sunday readings before you arrive can help. Check out the USCCB website - click on the date and the readings are there. By reading the readings ahead of time my mind and heart are more open to them and ready to hear what Father or the Deacon have to say in the homily.

Here are three wonderful Catholic speakers - check out their videos that can help you to enter into the beauty of the Mass!

Mark Hart

Fr Mike Schmitz

Chris Stefanick