Lots of really good thoughts in this chapter - I want to highlight two of them:

First: We all have these moments that Kelly calls "Pentecost" moments - where we feel fear or inhibition, but then after the event we feel confident in going out. I see lots of little "Pentecost" events in my life where I felt changed and strengthened by the expereince. This weekend is the women's CEW - a great moment for all women to come together, grow in faith and then go out to their families and friends renewed by the Spirit! (Men, your chance is coming in February!!)

Second: Kelly talks about how we cannot stand still in the spiritual life. We are always moving forward or backward - never standing still. To grow in holiness is to become the best version of yourself. Think about today - are you moving closer to God or further away? Are you the best version of yourself? What steps might you take to get closer to God today?