Have you ever considered your work to be holy? Have you considered that the mundane tasks of your day could be part of prayer?

Every day, every moment of your life is holy. Whether you are a CEO or a janitor, a doctor or a stay at home parent, a church employee or a trash collector your work is holy work! How do you embrace each day as you enter into your work? Do you enter as the neighbor Kelly talks about that expects to be paid for mediocre work, or as the neighbor who wants to do the best he can regardless of pay? Every day you get to choose which one you are as you wake up and begin your day.

I often pray during the day at work. When I am gathering materials for a study group and getting them put together I pray for the group or the individuals in it. When I am heading in to lead or participate in a group I pray for the group and I pray that the Holy Spirit lead me. When someone is coming in to meet with me I pray for them and again ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words. Outside of work I love to knit and crochet and whenever I pick up my yarn and needles I pray for the person who will receive this item – lots of times I don’t know who that might be. I started running in the fall, and as I settle into a steady rhythm I begin to pray, sometimes that prayer is a simple “God get me back home safely” and other times I let God lead!

This kind of praying through your day is not something that you will wake up one day and automatically do, it begins with being intentional. Many people are wearing “fitbits” or other similar devices that alert you when you’ve sat for too long – maybe we need to wear a spiritual “fitbit” to shake us when we’ve left God out of our day for too long. During your day every time you get up to move, to get water, or to go to the bathroom make an intentional decision to greet God at that moment and look ahead to see who or what is coming up and lift them up in prayer.