Upcoming Events

Parish Wide Study— The Activated Disciple

Closing Event: November 10, 6:30pm at OLIH

Discovering Spiritual Gifts

9am - 1:30pm (light lunch included)
Suggested donation $25

Multiple Dates/Places:

  • Saturday, October 19 St Mary of Nazareth, Des Moines

  • Saturday, December 7: St Francis of Assisi, West Des Moines

  • Saturday, March 7: OLIH

  • Saturday, June 6: St Francis of Assisi, West Des Moines

Discovering Spiritual Gifts is an opportunity to explore and begin the process of discovering God's call in your life. Through sacred Scripture, we know that each of us has spiritual gifts (also know as charisms). In this half-day workshop, we'll learn:

- What are spiritual gifts, and how do I know what mine are?
- How can I recognize whether a spiritual gift is at work in my life or the lives of others?

 Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come
Tuesday evenings, January 7 - March 31 (not gathering on St Patty’s Day)
Watch for more information to come!