So, did you try the Mass journal this weekend? What did you think? I know some people who do this every week and find it to be a great way of engaging in the Mass! It's a habit now and just a part of what they do. New habits take time to create - but once you've passed a certain point, there is lots less resistance.

How about you - what habits do you have well established in your life? I started running in the fall - loved it, but boy in the winter months with the cold and ice I have easily fallen away from it. I try to get out when the weather allows, but it's been hard to do it regularly. I know I started a good habit as I really want to get out there when I can. What about you - have you tried to start some new habits? How are you doing?

With Lent coming it's a good time to look at those bad habits we have or the good habits we want to do better at - what can you commit to this Lent to help you grow in a good habit or decrease a not-so-good one?