Today’s Gospel: Luke 4:1-13

Jesus “was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, to be tempted by the devil.”

Lent is a time of retreat, a time to recognize the hunger and thirst that we feel for God in our lives.

Today is the Rite of Election.  This is a diocesan service in which those to be Baptized are “chosen” and deemed “fit” for discipleship. The ones who attend this rite are those who will be Baptized at the Easter Vigil. It is through our Christian Baptism that we become disciples. Those who will be presented at the Rite of Election are: Eric Carter, Julie Lara, Brandi Newberry, Jeremy Sheaffer, and Cory Wisecup. Please join in lifting them up in prayer as they continue their final preparations fro Baptism!


Spend time praying with the Gospel today. Listen to the video below as Patty leads you through meditating on the Temptations of Christ and how you face your own temptations today.