When did Jesus rise from the dead? All we know is it happened sometime before Easter morning when the women arrived at the tomb. So the Church gathers to anticipate and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection during this night through an exuberant liturgy that is the heart of the whole year!

It’s our annual renewal of our baptism, when we both anticipate and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We support and walk with newcomers to Christian faith, who will be forever joined to Christ in baptism, as well as those who are already baptized and who will become part of the Catholic Church.

The Easter Vigil begins once night has fallen, with the blessing of new fire and the new Paschal Candle. It’s a liturgy filled both with mystery and with revelation.

 Mass and the sacraments are not celebrated until nightfall, recalling the day Jesus’ body lay in the tomb.


  • Pray with one of the Psalms that appeared in the central liturgies of the past few days: Psalm 27, 71, 69, 116, and 31

  • Fast or make another sacrifice to be united with the Elect who will be baptized tonight at the Easter Vigil.

  • Share a walk or other gift of time with a loved one or neighbor today.

Staying up in anticipation

Will kids enjoy the Easter Vigil? Yes! It is unlike any other celebration, and from the beginning— the fire, darkness, light, music, Easter sacraments—will capture their attention. Think of the kinds of things kids will stay up late for from time to time: a movie, a sporting event, a family gathering, a slumber party. Could this be on that list?

  •  When you get home, write a few words that     describe what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted,   and touched.

  • Join us afterwards at our party to celebrate the Good News and welcome our newest members to the Church!


Today’s Gospel reading:  Luke 24:1-12

“Why do you seek the living
among the dead?”