As I sat with this chapter in prayer I wasn’t exactly sure of where to go with it for my blog.  Shall I focus on God’s love or on Lectio Divina – both extremely great areas to focus.  So I decided I would try to focus on both.

January 5th I started to really pay attention to the Amaryllis on my dining room table.  That day I was sitting at the table working on homework and each time I looked up I am positive it was opening just a little bit more.  Excitement started as I knew that my flower would be coming soon!  I took a picture and sent it to my friend.  This began a daily text for a week while I awaited the first flower.  Each day there was definite movement and growth, and yet each day there was still no flower.  Eight days later three of the five flowers had finally bloomed! (see the picture above for the progression!) I am not a huge flower person but this amaryllis stole my attention!  It wasn’t hard to steal my attention that week as I was down with the nasty virus going around and spent the week at home sleeping most of the time. 

Once I was feeling better and looked back at the pictures this verse from Luke came to me:  

Notice how the flowers grow. They do not toil or spin. But I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of them.

Luke 12:27 (NABRE)


This verse is part of Luke’s passage entitled “dependence on God.”  Not always are my prayers answered in the way I want them to be and not always are they answered in my timeframe. I would like healing to take less time and mountaintop experiences to last longer.  Yet God knows the perfect timing needed in each situation for it to be good. That flower – every morning I was sure today would be the day.  Every day that flower made small, significant, deliberate movement towards blooming, yet it took almost a week.  The steps were little, but they were all necessary. I can’t tell you how often I wish I could move more quickly.  Years ago I felt called to leave the work I was doing and as I entered into prayer I felt God’s answer.  I knew that I was where I needed to be at the moment, but that change was coming, I just needed to be patient. 

When I open myself to God and depend on Him, trust in Him, the way the flower does, I find that I can see those little movements in my heart and in my life.  Those little movements are often times important details that help prepare me for what is to come.  Only a God who loves me would consider all the details needed so that I can bloom where I am.  The more I love God and trust in Him, the more I grow, just like the flower.  I am honored to be where I am today, here at OLIH serving God’s people.  I have the joy of seeing God’s abundant love working in so many.  I have definitely been planted in a very fruitful garden!

Maybe today as you are sitting home in the warmth you could take some time to consider this passage from Luke for yourself.  Using the Lectio Divina from this chapter sit with this scripture and ask yourself what is God saying to YOU?    

By the way – my amaryllis bulb started a second shoot around the first of the year – and guess what … I think I’ll be having flowers in about 5 days again!  God does the same with us! So trust in God’s love and abundant grace so that you, like the flower, can bloom where He calls you!

Progress of first Amaryllis - from first day of noticing the opening to the second bloom!

Progress of first Amaryllis - from first day of noticing the opening to the second bloom!

Second flower getting ready to bloom… I’m guessing about 5 days until first flower!

Second flower getting ready to bloom… I’m guessing about 5 days until first flower!

Patty Mayer, Director of Adult Faith Formation
My reflections based on the book: “Busy Lives & Restless Souls: How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life” by Becky Eldredge given out to OLIH parishioners at Christmas 2018