Last week we focused on emptying yourself. When we empty ourselves we can put Jesus just where He needs to be in our life - the center.  Is Jesus the center of your life?

This week we hear the story of Pentecost and going out to be Jesus to others.  Bishop Hying asks us to consider how to we put on Christ? How are we the feet and hands of Jesus? I've often reflected on what this means to me and I have come to the understanding that for me to be the hands and feet of Jesus is to see Jesus in others.  No matter what they do or how they act a reminder that they are made in the image of God.  That can be hard some days and when it is hard to remember that someone is made in the image of God then it is hard to keep Jesus at the center of our life.  Jesus looked upon everyone as having great value, do I? Jesus reached out and touched the sick, do I? Jesus loved those who had different beliefs, do I? Jesus responded assertively to those who challenged him the most, do I? Am I Jesus to others today? Each of us is part of the Body of Christ - how do I live this out daily?  The final question in the video was: What human encounter has drawn about service from your heart? How would you answer that?

Take some time these last few days before Christmas to consider how central to my life is my relationship with Jesus.  Do I encounter Him in my daily life with others? Am I living as if my mission is to be Jesus in the world or do I still desire to go back to my life from before I knew Jesus so well? Go back to fishing with Peter or tax collecting with Matthew? NO, I want to live the life Jesus has called me to - do you feel the fire of that burning within you? Fan the flames of that fire and allow Jesus to transform you and your heart this Christmas Season