Read: John 4:1-42

I struggle to “find time” to quiet myself enough to invest in a relationship between myself and an “unseen” God, a God I can “only read about” in Scripture.” Why do I struggle? Perhaps it is because I, like many others in our culture, want “physical proofs.” But do I really?

“What if I did encounter someone who challenged my understanding of the world, the way Jesus challenged the understanding of the Samaritan woman’s world?” I would most likely write them off and go about my life, especially if they were claiming to be God.

And yet, one lesson to be learned, I think, from today’s reading is this, “be honest with Jesus.” The Samaritan woman was honest. Jesus acknowledged her honesty, didn’t condemn her, yet challenged her to go beyond what she thought she “knew,” and then gave her the freedom to choose her next steps. When we choose wisely we can draw others closer to Jesus too, just like the Samaritan woman.

Tom Primmer, Director of Faith Formation Grades 9-12