Read: Luke 22:14-20 Tom used the NRSVCE (New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition)

We just celebrated the birth of Jesus yesterday with gifts, food, family, friendship and thankfully a safe rest for the evening.

Much sacrifice went into preparing for yesterday by just about everyone I know; dollars set aside to buy gifts, time set aside to clean house, and the talent it takes to pull off a big meal! Some even sacrificed in ways for those less fortunate.

Today’s verses call to mind the sacrifice of the tiny, vulnerable God-boy. The very substance of God that limited itself enough to become human to wrap itself in our broken and dis-eased condition, so that ultimately we might be restored in the hope that we remember who we truly are and were created to be…a sacred spark in the eye of that same God, who not only loved us, even unto death, but loves us enough to be one of us. Thank you Jesus for, well, for your love and sacrifice!

Tom Primmer, Director of Faith Formation, Grades 9-12