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VBS: Adult Edition!

From: Monday, June 11 9:00 AM
To: Thursday, June 14 10:30 AM

What: come learn about the four gospels

When: Mon, June 11—Thurs, June 14    9:00 to 10:30 am

Monday- Fr Steve will present on Gospel of Luke

Tuesday - Patty will present on the Gospel of Matthew

Wednesday - Tom will present on the Gospel of John

Thursday - Kyle will present on the Gospel of Mark

Where: Mary’s Place

Who:   Parents, Grandparents, ALL ADULTS!

How:   No registration necessary. Come as      you are!  Childcare can be made available—contact Patty before June 7 to make sure of availability of childcare.

Why:Have you ever missed a family gathering and wondered what happened in your absence? So you call your brother first and he tells you the basic facts of what happened and what he felt was important.  Then you call your mom who tells you, at great length, the same stories and more with lots of details. Then you call your sister and she tells you many of the same things that Mom told you, just from a different perspective.  Then finally you call your cousin and his story, well it’s so  different from everyone else, yet it’s strangely the same. 

That’s how it is with the four gospels. Each of the Gospel writers is telling the same story, but through a different lens and to a different audience. To understand Jesus more fully, it helps to explore the Gospels more deeply. 

St John Gospels.jpg

Come see the St John's Bible!

Did you miss the trip to St John's last week? Were you there but didn't see the Gospel images that you wanted to? Come to VBS: Adult Edition to take a closer look at the Gospels and Acts Heritage Edition available for people to look at during this time!  Come and see the beauty of the St John's Bible!


Parent Bonus!

Interested in learning some of the words and actions to the VBS ‘Shipwrecked’ theme song and a few others? Be sure to join us on Tuesday & Thursday in the Green Room—we will end our day of VBS: Adult Edition with the music crew coming in to teach us the song and movement.

VBS: Adult Edition!