the lord's prayer.jpg

My children with whom I am in love:

We can grow closer each day! All you need to do is call my name, talk to me, and then listen.

I have given you your life on earth and I have made you my own for eternity in Heaven. You are my precious sons and my daughters.

My kingdom comes to life when you love like my Son.

My will is done when you invite Him into everything you do.

I’ll give you everything you need today at the right time. For time is something I made as a way to bring you closer to me.

I want you to remember that when you stumble, all you need to do is call and I’ll come pick you up.

There isn’t anything you can do that will make me love you less. And when another one of my sons or daughters doesn’t treat you as the masterpiece I’ve created you to be, when they haven’t loved you like my Son, remember that my Son loves them too.

And so begin to forgive them and if possible, let me heal your relationships. Ask me for help because I love to bring healing and wholeness where things have gone wrong.

You’re never alone and every time you call upon me, I am overjoyed and simply love the time we spend together.

So, when it becomes difficult to see the light or you feel tempted to forget just how loved you are, remember you have a Father that’s ready to provide, ready to pick you up, ready to remind you of your value, and ready to lead you away from harm.

Amen, I believe in you!

All you have to do is call.