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Follow Me (#1 in binder))

Sacraments (#7 in binder)

Disciplines of a Disciple (#11 in binder)

Modern Media (#15 in binder)

YDisciple Videos are available below by lesson and episode. Please note we’ve only posted materials and videos for the 4 lessons removed by All other lessons/videos and related materials are still accessible at and cannot be added here.


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YDisciple: Follow Me Ep1

Follow Me Ep2

Follow Me Ep3

Follow me Ep4

Follow Me Ep5

Sacraments Ep1

Sacraments Ep2

Sacraments Ep3

Sacraments Ep4

Sacraments Ep5

Disciplines of a Disciple Ep1

Disciplines of a Disciple Ep2

Disciplines of a Disciple Ep3

Disciplines of a Disciple Ep4

Modern Media Ep1

Modern Media Ep2

Modern Media Ep3

Modern Media Ep4