I loved this book and this chapter just really sums it all up for me!  I am thankful that the author begins with reminding us that there was a five year gap between her intellectually “getting it” and being able to put it all into practice.  The habits that are good and strong are the ones that take time to nurture and build.  I know I use this example a lot but it is just so applicable… When I started running, it was clumsy, it was hard, and I had to sit down at the beginning of the week and figure out my schedule to make sure I could fit it in. Over the year+ that followed I found confidence in my steps, I found strength and endurance as I kept going, and I found that I would find a time a place to make it happen because that’s how much I needed it.  As I ran, I found myself changing the foods I ate and replacing soda with water and coffee.  As time continued, I started to find other workouts to do on my non-run days in order to focus on strengthening.  I was finding that this active life-style was what my body was made for.  I found excitement in seeing the changes physically and emotionally.  My body was finally becoming a temple that I was proud of and felt was a sacred vessel built in the image of God!  The author found all of this in food, while I found it through exercise, which I think is why it all hits home to me.

Love her “Kitchen Rules!” 

As a child, I would say that eating communally was probably the main rule that my family lived by.  Eating meals together was the norm. Growing up with 5 sisters I rarely ate a meal alone, there was always someone to eat with and meals always included conversation. When we gather as a family that is still how we gather – every one sitting around the table together, conversing, sharing stories and laughing.  At this point in my life, I think the rule that I most live by would be eating wisely.  I’m working on knowing when I am eating and what is the purpose of my eating – is it because I am truly hungry or is it because I am filling a different void? Now that I have been laid up for a few weeks with a stress fracture in my leg I have found that I eat more and crave more – but am I really hungrier or just bored? I am also working on eating the things I enjoy and not depriving myself, yet not overeating just to eat.  I like to enjoy a good meal with a friend and not stress about calories, fat, or sugar – I just want to enjoy! But to do this in moderation is key.

What are the Kitchen Rules that you most live by?

If you had to make your own list what would you add, what would you take off of the list?