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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year …

…to everyone from the entire parish staff! We are delighted that you've joined us for worship and we hope that you'll return to pray with us often.

As a church community, we offer lots of services to our members in addition to our weekly worship. If you have moved into the area, we invite you to become a member. Feel free to call the parish office at 964-3038 or e-mail us at if you would like to join, or have questions about our parish. Check out our website, to see all the different ways to be involved.

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May Christ be born in your heart anew this day, and may his Spirit grow in you throughout the New Year!

The Pastor Writes...

Fr Michael checks out the welcome messages left for him by parishioners. Young parishioners used Fr Steve’s ‘Celebration of Service’ postcards to trace their hands and form a welcome ‘wave’—using the old to create a ‘new beginning’ for OLIH.

Fr Michael checks out the welcome messages left for him by parishioners. Young parishioners used Fr Steve’s ‘Celebration of Service’ postcards to trace their hands and form a welcome ‘wave’—using the old to create a ‘new beginning’ for OLIH.

Dear new friends:

It is an honor and privilege for me to be here. Over the next few weeks and months you will come to know more about me, and I will come to learn about your history, hopes and dreams. In the midst of the learning curve I will work on remembering names.

I arrive in Ankeny with a heart filled with gratitude. First, I am thankful for Fr. Steve.  He has provided servant leadership to this community, and created this community of generous servants. In addition, I appreciated Fr. Steve postponing his retirement, and agreeing to be the administrator of the parish, while I was on sabbatical.  His continued presence created a smooth transition. 

I am thankful to the parish leaders and the parish staff that assisted with the transition process. Their insights and vision have been and will continue to be helpful to the community.

Last, but not least, I am humbled at the warm reception that I have received from everyone. Your friendliness, smiles, and expressions of welcome made smooth the beginnings of this journey. 

In gratitude and in humble service, I pray that your household may be endowed with the graces of…

Peace, strength, and courage—-Fr Michael

Fr Steve says goodbye...

ORR, Stephen.jpg


As I take my leave from OLIH, I want to express my very deep gratitude for all your many kindnesses over the years. I have been blessed in countless ways. As I viewed the video made for my celebration of service, memories flooded my mind and heart. And, of course, they were just a few of the wonderful moments we have shared together. We have laughed and cried together, but most of all we have been family to each other. That is what a church community should be. So, to all of you, my prayerful thanks. 

I was deeply humbled beyond words by your very generous gift to me.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin to say thank you. You were so kind 11 years ago to give me a new car.  I hope I have used that gift well in service to you. The car now has 212,000 miles on it so one of the first things may be looking for a new car. I will consider that car your gift to me as well. 

I will be in the area and helping in the parishes around the Des Moines area and some in other parts of the diocese. Each time I offer Mass I will include all of you in my intentions.  And I beg a remembrance in your prayers as well. 

Changes Coming for St Vincent de Paul Donations

Beginning January 2019, the St Vincent de Paul truck at OLIH will provide an attendant to help you with your drop-off items. In order to provide this service, donations will only be taken on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10:00 am-4:00 pm.  Unfortunately, because of the large increase of unacceptable items, we find it necessary to discontinue providing an unattended truck. As an alternative, you may drop off items at the St Vincent de Paul Store, 1426 6th Ave, DSM or call 515/28208327 for free pick up. Thank you for helping us help others!


Lost Something?

We keep a box for lost and found items in the cloakroom off the gathering space but when it gets full we recycle those items to the St Vincent de Paul truck.

#TBT: Changes at St Michael's

SMC. 1951 Interior.jpg
SMC.1980 interior.jpg

For Throwback Thursday  we were comparing photos of the interior of St Michael’s Church in Carney —the first from 1951, the second from the 1980’s. We posted this to our Facebook post to see if anyone knew when the altar, statues and stations were changed. We haven’t heard anything yet. If you have some clues let Joan, know so we can make a note in our history file. Thanks!

Do you have any photos or memories to share? We’re always looking for things to post.

Have you registered on FORMED yet?

FORMED is a website available to all OLIH parishioners.  Go to, click on “register,” use the OLIH parish code (Y6NDPT) to get started and then watch, read or listen! 

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Have you stopped to see the Library in Mary's Place?

2017 Mary's Place.jpg

We encourage you to spend time at Mary’s Place (across from the office). This space has been set aside for Adult Faith Formation and includes a Library where you can check out books and dvds to help you in your spiritual journey. Browse through the shelves while the kids are in school or you just want to get out of the house! You can even surf  the web—we have wifi and you can get on ‘OLIH Guest’ with the password ‘ladiesheart’. To find out what’s going on around OLIH, sign up for our app, like us on Facebook, wander around this website, and/or sign up for our weekly Updates.

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