This Christmas we are handing out Matthew Kelly's book - Resisting Happiness. Pick up your copy, browse through it if you'd like and get ready to do an all parish read! Using this blog and Facebook we are looking forward to reading the book together and sharing our thoughts as we go - one chapter at a time!

Starting Monday January 9th we will read one chapter a day Monday through Friday. Use the weekends to focus on Mass and catch up on your reading if needed! We should end this book on Tuesday, February 28 - just in time to begin our Lenten journey!

So, starting on Monday, January 9th there will be a daily post here and on Facebook to get the discussion started! Read, log-in, and let's explore how to stop resisting and sabotaging our happiness!

When you're done with the book - put it on your shelf for future reading OR hand it off to someone who you think could use the message!