Are you spiritually healthy? What an interesting question. How would one know if they were spiritually healthy? It's not like going to the doctor and getting blood tests or blood pressure checked, spiritual health isn't quite as measureable, or is it?

This fall when I started to run I had a friend who reminded me that although I wasn't seeing the scale move and no one was seeing the weight loss that I shouldn't discount what I knew was happening inside of me. I was noticing clothes fitting differently, I noticed that I was physically getting stronger, I noticed that I felt better and most noticeable to me I was starting to crave different foods that would fuel me rather than slow me down. These changes were things I knew were happening, but they weren't measurable by anyone else. I knew they were happening inside of me but I was the only one who could see it. Spiritual health is similar - it starts on the inside. As we spend time in prayer everyday and grow in relationship with God we start to feel a calmness that gives us strength, we start to feel different in situations - maybe uncomfortable some places and more at ease in others, we notice a craving to feed our prayer life so that it can fuel us through the day.

Just as my running has resulted in weight loss and buying smaller clothes I believe that daily prayer can lead to us to live lifes that begin to look different too.

**What are some signs to you of spiritual health? Think of someone in your life that you consider to be spiritually healthy - what are some characteristics you see in them?

Did you check out the Prayer Process in the back of the book? It's similar to the examen - a great way to process through your day or week. If you are looking for what to do in your 10 minutes of prayer today it's a great place to start!**

Give God your 10 minutes today!