When you think of God what is your image? What is your relationship with God?

For me God is a father figure - He loves me, He knows what is best for me, and I trust Him to lead to where I can be happy! God is my confidant, He is my companion, He is my rock when life feels rough!

A few years ago I was feeling like I wasn't following God in my life. I was working as Director of Religious Education yet felt called to a different ministry, yet I didn't feel it was time to leave my current position yet either - I was very conflicted! I went to God in prayer one day while I was at a women' conference. I fell to my knees in the adoration chapel and with tears in my eyes I questioned God - "What do you want of me?" His response? "Meet me in the chapel everyday at 4:00." I heard those words as if the person standing next to me had just said them. It took me a few days, but eventually I began going to the chapel for an hour a day at the end of my work day - entering into prayer and asking God "what do you want of me?" There were days that was my whole prayer for the hour. God's response - "yes I want you in this new ministry, but not yet". Eventually I was led to OLIH and the opportunity to grow in ministry in the ways I have felt called to! Praise God! But all of this is possible because I learned to pray these four words: THY WILL BE DONE and trust God's response!

Listen to this song and let the words help guide you to listen to God's will in your life!