Do you resist God? What a thought! Resisting God is not something I consciously consider doing, but wow this put it out there for us to talk about! How often have I in my life felt called to something, yet choose to not do it? How often have I known something would be good for me, yet went another path?

I know that for me exercise is an area where I struggle! Last fall I started running. When I run I feel good, I notice wonderful changes to my body, mind & spirit, I can tell that I'm getting stronger, I've overcome obstacles that I never dreamed of overcoming - like the day I was running for 28 minutes straight and realized that just 2 months before I could barely run 8 of the 28 minutes of my first training! I cried with joy through the last half of my run - I never dreamed I could do this and yet here I was! My husband believed in me when I didn't, he knew I could do this when I doubted and feared I would fail. Now, this cold weather has zapped me and I've allowed resistance to have power over me more days than not. I know exercise is good, I've felt the positive effects, and yet I can still resist it. I think that's like resisting God - I know what it's like when I listen to Him and follow Him, it feels good, I grow in mind and spirit, and I overcome obstacles that I never dreamed I could on my own - I know that listening to God will make me stronger - so why do I (we) resist?

Have you ever considered that God wants you to be happy even more than you want it for yourself? Are you ready to stop resisting happiness in your life?