YOU DID IT! You beat resistance and made it to the end!

I hope that through this book you have come to find some areas in your life where you see resistance and the tools needed to overcome it so that you may live the life God is calling you to! Name your resistance, recognize it for what it is and move past it! God calls us to holiness and to perfection, but he also knows that we are human and with humanity comes limitations, free-will and resistance. As Matthew Kelly is famous for saying - be the 'best-version-of-yourself' each and every day - that's all God wants from us - the best we can be, the best we can do - and being the best means overcoming the resistance that holds us back.

I once knew a person who had a bad habit and when he sought guidance from one of the people he trusted and admired they reminded him that every year he gave up this bad habit for Lent. They suggested to him that he should look at every day as Lent from now on. He did this for several years - fasted from this habit every day. Once he knew he was back in control of himself he would occassionally allow himself to indulge in this habit, but kept himself from letting it once again have power over him. So as you enter into Lent tomorrow, what bad habits, what resistance, do you need to re-gain control over? Lent helps us to re-center our lives on key spiritual practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving - what practice will best help you to overcome resistance in your life?

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