It is easy to get lost in the negatives of life - the stress, the hum-drum, the chaos...


what would happen if every day we would burst with joy for what we have, for the blessings that we have received, for the people who are part of our life? How would life look differently if we lived in the moment,not worrying about tomorrow, but focused on what and who we have with us right now!? A great practice is to spend a few minutes at the end of your day and identify the blessings of the day - the people, the expereinces, etc. The more we call ourselves to recognize those moments in hindsight the easier it will be to begin to recognize them in the moment! What are your blessings today? What are you grateful for today?

Look back over this journey - recognize those things that stuck out for you as points of resistance to the happiness that God is calling you to! What needs to change? What do you need to let go of so that you can find that joy and happiness within and allow it to burst forth as you proclaim "I am a lucky person!" Are you ready to make those changes? How perfect that Lent is right around the corner - use this Lent to start to focus on getting rid of those resistances in your life. Start to break down the barriers that hold you back -

  • fast from the things that you indulge in that prevent you from living the life you are called to,
  • pray for everything you need God to help you with,
  • give to others what you are able to give,
  • and go out and do good deeds!

This Lent Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic are again offering Best Lent Ever - you can subscribe to it through email - thier focus this year? RESISTING HAPPINESS! Trust me when I say that having read this book once to decide if we should give it out over Christmas, and then reading again as I prayed and blogged with it was a great way to really take to heart some of the things I needed to hear from this book and to prepare myself for Lent - maybe spending your Lent going over it again with Dynamic Catholic would be good too!