100% = Surrender.

What does it look like when I surrender to God and give Him 100% of myself? It's hard - and something that doesn't happen once and we're done, instead it's something that we need to do intentionally every day.

God sure didn't check my resume before employing me for various "jobs" throughout my life - one of my recent "jobs" was a few years when I started to get calls from my cousin to visit her sister in the hospital. It was then that I began walking with my cousin as she lived out her dying. She died a few days before her 50th birthday - about 15 months after I had started to visit her. Boy, what a journey this was! What does one say to a young person who knows her days are limited, who is searching to understand how her death may be a part of God's greater plan? How do you comfort a family that lost both of their parents at an early age, a sister shortly after that and now are watching yet another sibling as she dies? I prayed as I went to visit to ask God for guidance, and I prayed as I left asking God to give me the grace, dignity and faith that she had when/if that time comes for me! God equipped me for each conversation! It was His words spoken, not mine; it was His presence that comforted, not mine. I was simply the vehicle He used.

I often ask God to give me the words He needs others to hear. I ask God to guide me through my day and allow me to be who or what He needs me to be for others. On days that I surrender I feel His presence in interactions that I have with others. On the days that I rush into my day without surrendering I notice a difference, a void where I am searching for the right words rather than allowing God to speak through me. Surrendering to God is like letting him be the driver of the car and even though you may be riding "shot-gun" and navigating, He ultimately decides where to turn and when!

Pray the prayer in the book - find yourself surrendering to God more and more - and notice the blessings that come with your surrender!