We are made for mission! Have you ever thought that before? Do you know where God might be calling you?

Years ago I started out working as a counselor with teenagers. LOVED it and really felt strongly that this is where God was calling me. While working with these teens I also spent a lot of time kindling the fires of my faith. Eventually I felt called away from counseling and to ministry within the church. I worked for 9 years in Marshalltown where I worked with children and their families. Over time I again was feeling called away from what I was doing, and called to assist and lead adults to a deeper faith. So here I am today! My mission has never changed even though the venue through which I am called to mission has changed. I love helping people to find what Matthew Kelly calls 'the-best-version-of-yourself', but I would maybe call 'the-holiness-within.'

One of the best ways for us to follow where God is calling us is to know our gifts - know the gifts that we have been given and find the ways that we can use these gifts to best serve God. Here at OLIH we will be having a Called and Gifted Workshop on June 2 & 3 (for more details check out the Adult Faith Coming Events page and stay tuned to to the bulletin as the event gets closer).

What is your mission? Listen to this Matthew West song which reminds us also that we are here for a reason bigger than ourselves - Do Something!