Look around you. Who is your inner circle? Who are the people that you would trust to pull you aside and say "We are worried about you"? Who in your life would you pull aside to do the same?

We are all heading down our own path - and we may feel this is exactly where God is calling me to be. Yet, our friends and family have the privilege of witnessing our life and seeing things from a different perspective. When someone who loves us and whom we trust says "Let's talk" are you open to what they have to say? Have you witnessed someone you love who needs some re-direction?

We were not put on this earth to be alone, but to be a part of the community. Listening to others is good for us and can help us to better see God’s plan in our life. Years ago I had discerned a change in career which necessitated a move. I was single, and was going to move to a town where I knew no one. Before I said yes to the new job I walked into work and the first 3 people I saw and trusted gave me what I was looking for. When I told them I had been offered this new job each one of them was excited for me, they told me they would miss me but knew this was a good change for me. I accepted the job, and as I shared my news with other friends and family the response never changed. For me that was God validating, through my community, the change I was about to make. Our friends and loved ones keep us on track and help light our way. Sometimes we need some guidance, even when we aren't looking for it. Be open. Listen. Pray. God may be using our loved ones to send us a message.

Who do you turn to for guidance? Who would you trust to give you honest feedback? Is there someone in your life you want to sit down and help re-direct?