I've mentioned a few times about how I began running in the fall. How I made this work was by making a plan. I would plan out my week according to which days I was running and which days I was doing yoga. Then each day I would plan into my day the run or the yoga. Some days that meant running in the morning or running after work, but as the days got shorter it sometimes meant an extra-long lunch break during the day to go run. Whatever it took to keep to my plan I was willing to do it!

Last week I was meeting with my Spiritual Director and we were talking about how I am feeling called to spend a greater amount of time in prayer, but finding it hard to find the time. As we talked I had lots of excuses as to why this or that wouldn't work. After a while she asked me about my running - obviously she was seeing something in my resistance that I wasn't seeing yet. Hmmm... lately I take a long lunch break to go home and run in the middle of the day, knowing that means re-showering, re-dressing, re-doing the hair and make-up before returning to work. So I am okay being inconvenienced for my physical health, but not so much for my spiritual health (and additional prayer time doesn't require taking another shower or re-doing anything!!)? Made me re-think how I was treating my need for additional prayer time - moved that block of resistance out of the way! Now I have a plan for getting that additional prayer time in as well as my run! Thanks, Coach!

Do you have a plan for your spiritual health? How do you fit your spiritual practices in each day? Take some time to evaluate, make a plan and put it on your calendar! Once your plan is set get a coach or a partner who will help you to be accountable to your plan!