Grab your calendar, open your online banking and pick up your phone.

  • Calendar: Where are you going and who are you spending your time with?
  • Money: If you were to identify where you spend your money in one month what would come in first and second place?
  • Phone: How much time do you spend looking at your phone? Which apps do you open the most? Which games or programs do you spend the most time on?

As you assess these three areas of life you will find what your life centers around. Is it your family? Is it yourself? Is it God? It’s easy to get wrapped up in our human life and lose focus of where God might be in our lives. I look at my own life and I know those days, weeks, months when I have consciously put God at the center. There is peacefulness in daily life, calmness within me. I recognize also those times when God is not center of my life, when I’ve shifted Him to the side for something else, those days life is rocky and uncomfortable.

There is a quote that is often attributed to St Francis de Sales:

“Everyone of us needs half an hour of prayer every day, except when we are busy—then we need an hour.”

This quote reminds me that no matter what is happening time with God is needed as much as eating and breathing! Time in prayer heals us and helps us to move forward. When we spend time in prayer daily it’s so much easier to keep God in the center of our lives!

So, if God were more central in your life what would look different on your calendar, where would your money be going and what would someone find on your phone? If God were central in your life how might your life be different?