"Pilgrims are different. They look for signs. If a flight gets delayed or canceled, they ask, "What is God trying to say to me?" Pilgrims are not concerned with seeing and doing everything, just the things they feel called to see and do. They are not obsessed with shopping. They are aware of the needs of others. Pilgrims go looking for meaning. Pilgrims count their blessings." (Page 148)

This Lent you are being called to be a pilgrim. Here at OLIH we have created "PASSPORTS" for you to travel through Lent this year asking yourself "What is God trying to say to me?" So take time now to begin asking yourself what is God calling me to this year? Am I called to spend more time in prayer? Do I feel God calling me to greater fasting or sacrifice? Is God tapping me on the shoulder calling me to service or greater giving of myself or material items?

This life journey is not an easy one. We need to approach it as a pilgrim rather than a tourist; looking for where God is at and where He is directing us. To find out more about what we have planned for Lent this year check out the Adult Faith section of our website and may you find ways to encounter Jesus during this upcoming season of Lent that will lead you to be transformed in many ways!