“Our lives change when our habits change!” (page 71)

Changing our habits is hard work! But the habits you choose each day – good and bad – change your life! So be strong and courageous in making good changes that will lead your life in a good direction!

Reading the Bible is life-changing. We hear the Scriptures preached at Mass on Sunday, but when you’ve become more familiar with the context from which the reading comes from the readings become more powerful. I invite you to consider Kelly’s challenge of reading the Gospel of Matthew in one sitting and then reading the New Testament one chapter a day. If that seems a bit daunting and you’re looking for a slightly lighter read – consider sitting with the daily Mass readings each day. You can find the readings HERE. (If you scroll to the bottom of the USCCB page you will find where you can sign up for the readings to be sent to your email every morning).

BUT do not stop at just reading the readings – spend time with them identify what stood out for you. A great suggestion is to use Lectio Divina – a wonderful way to pray with the scripture and to listen to what the Scripture is telling you.