Today we will pray with our second finger—the index finger.  The index finger represents those in our lives who instruct us, guide us or heal us.  They need support and wisdom to show and direct others. 

Identify those in your life who instruct you, guide you or heal you.

Second finger.png

Dear God

Be with those who lead me, guide me, and instruct me…


Take time to really think about those who lead you and instruct you. Write your own personal prayer asking God to care for them and that they be led by the Spirit. The prayer below can be used as inspiration for your own personal prayer.

Prayer for teachers:

Heavenly Father, who promised that all those who instruct others in the ways of holiness will shine as stars for all eternity, fill our hearts and minds with true knowledge and the art of teaching. Give us patience and understanding, justice and prudence, humility and fear of the Lord. Grant us wisdom and charity so that with a pure and holy love of God we ourselves may enjoy all these gifts and impart them to our pupils. Teach our children to be obedient to your laws and docile to your inspirations. Let them be instruments of your peace in their homes, in our land, and in the family of nations as becomes children of the sons of God in the Mystical Body of Christ. May the blessings of your sevenfold Gifts be in all who teach and in all who learn through the Holy Spirit who is the Love of the Father and the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.