On Holy Thursday we remember that Christ instituted the Eucharist at a point in history: just before his suffering and death. He gave it to us and said, “Do this in memory of me,” and the Church will forever continue to follow his command.

But in John’s Gospel, there is no account of Jesus saying “Take and eat, this is my body; take and drink, this is my blood.” What we hear about Eucharist instead is how Jesus humbled himself in service by washing the feet of his disciples. He says, “As I have done, so must you also do.”

Taking all the Gospel accounts together as we must, we learn that to share in the Lord’s Body and Blood at the Eucharistic altar also means that we must pour out our lives in service of the Christ we meet in one another.


As you come to Mass tonight, take a look in the St. Michael Eucharistic Chapel. What is different?

  • Where did you meet Christ in the Mass of the Lord’s Supper?

  • What happened at this Mass that only happens once a year?

  • If you participated in the washing of feet, write the name of the person whose feet you washed and consider praying for him or her until Pentecost (June 9).

Go Deeper:

Enter into the story of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples