High School Youth Ministry

High School Youth Ministry is a peer-led ministry and includes all students in grades 9-12!  Welcome!


Upcoming Events

YM Activities

GLUE:Small Group Experience

G.L.U.E.  stands for “God, Life, the Universe, and Everything,” and meets twice a month during the school year from 8-9:30 pm,  in the Youth Room.  GLUE is an opportunity to focus in on a topic of faith and have open, honest, and candid conversation as well as ask questions. The goal of GLUE is to promote deep discussion about the intersection between faith and life.   All are welcome!

April 3 & 17: World Religions I & II

Take a look at all the different ways we worship God in the world. What are our similarities; what are our differences?

Second Sunday Events-6:00-9:00 pm at OLIH

April 14—YM Second Sundays

NCYC-National Catholic Youth Conference

Come find out about NCYC at a brief informational meeting on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00 pm in the Youth Room.

NCYC 2019’s theme is “Blessed-Broken-Given,” and we will soon be inviting all current 8th-11th graders to talk with their parents about making their journey next November.  In the past our parish alone has filled coach buses, which is our mode of transportation, along with many other parishes who dedicate time and resources to this impactful experience.  We will need to begin building our team to prepare them for this awesome adventure and will have ample opportunity to go over the details that will equip your son(s) or daughter(s) to have the best NCYC experience possible.

Boundary Waters Retreat Trip 2019

BWCA 2019.jpg

The Boundary Waters Adventure for High School, young adult, and parents, will take place June 16–21, 2019.  Interested participants have already indicated their interest and teams have been formed. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area provides a retreat in God’s creation that will challenge you, strengthen you, and deepen your faith in God and in others from our parish family.  We will hold 3 meetings which are mandatory in the Spring of 2019, one of which is a ½ day of canoeing nearby.   Contact Randy in the office Tues-Friday, 515-402-7433 with any questions you may have in the meantime.