Individual class guidelines, which addressed specific allergies present in the classroom, were sent home the first week of school. If you have questions regarding what to bring for snack, please ask your child’s teacher.

In order to promote a safe and healthy learning environment, OLLL Preschool has adopted the following guidelines for snacks provided to preschool. Items that do not comply with these guidelines unfortunately cannot be served.

All snacks must come to preschool in its original packaging which must include a list of ingredients.
Snacks containing peanuts or other nuts, as well as snacks that are manufactured in facilities that also process nuts, MAY NOT be served at preschool in any class. This includes and is not limited to: almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.
To comply with state licensing regulations, two food groups must be included in snack servings. If the drink is to be considered one of the food groups, it must be 2% milk or 100% fruit juice. If the snack already meets two food groups, we can serve water. PLEASE DO NOT SEND JUICE BOXES OR POUCHES OR DARK JUICES (e.g. cherry, grape).
Recommended Snack lists will be class-specific so as to address any additional allergies (dairy, egg, etc.) that may apply. Please be aware of this if you have children in different classes.
The intention of the recommended snack list provided to parents is to provide guidance about snacks that accommodate food allergies. Parents should check labels every time to be sure the product is peanut and nut-free and if necessary, if the item contains milk, eggs, wheat or soy. It is always important to check the ingredients as manufacturers change production methods. Due to this, new items may qualify for inclusion on the list and others may no longer be safe at any given time.
The snack list contains some suggestions for special occasion snacks (birthdays, etc.) We love for these treats to be something that all your child’s classmates can share, so for this reason, cake and cupcakes from home or from a bakery are not included in the list of snack options.
Always feel free to ask your child’s teachers any questions or concerns you may have about snack. Preschoolers love bringing the snack bucket and together we can keep it a positive experience.
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