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VBS: Adult Edition!

From: Monday, June 10 9:00 AM
To: Thursday, June 13 10:30 AM

Pray without ceasing!
Monday, June 10 - Thursday , June 13
Mary’s Place

Monday: Kevin O’Donnell, M.A. is the Co-Director of Emmaus House in Des Moines

Resting with God

Does prayer get added to the calendar as another thing to “do” in your day? Would you enter into prayer differently if you considered it as a way of “being” with God rather then something that needed to be done? Contemplative prayer provides opportunities to enter into prayer, and rest, with God.    

Tuesday: Patty Mayer, M.A. Director of Adult Faith Formation at OLIH

Is it Okay that my Prayer Life Changes?

We all go through various stages and phases in our prayer life. Our relationship with God is fluid and we adjust our prayer life to that relationship. As we go deeper into relationship, our prayer changes. Where are you and God today?

Wednesday: Dale Howe is the wife of Deacon Bob Howe at Holy Trinity Parish, DSM

Praying with a loved one

Praying with another assumes a special relationship; it also strengthens that relationships. Opening our hearts with another in prayer is also an act of trust in that person. We will spend some time talking of some ways to join with another in prayer.

Thursday: Kathy Reardon, R.N. and M.A. is a holistic nurse, spiritual director and Healing Touch Practioner at DSM Pastoral Counseling Center

Experiencing the Fullness of Prayer in Everyday Living

What might it be to truly know and fully live in God's presence every day?  Impossible, you say?  Not really, especially when we learn about gratitude and mindfulness as practices to wake us up from patterns of being on "auto pilot" to the gift of awareness - that the Divine Presence and Action live in all the moments of our lives.

VBS: Adult Edition!