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OLIH Parish Directory

From: Tuesday, July 26 7:00 PM
To: Saturday, August 13 8:30 PM

It’s time to update our much-loved (and used) Parish Photo Directory. It’s been 6 years since we got everyone together for the last directory. Families change, folks come and go, and we need to update! The directory is a great resource, helping us put names with the faces you go to Mass with or someone you’re asked to pray for—it’s a great way to feel connected.  

Photo sessions will be: July 26-30, August 2-6 & August 9-13; Tuesday-Friday, 2:00-9:00 pm & Saturday, 9:30 am-4:00 pm.  You will receive an automated phone message (sometime around June 16) urging you to book your most convenient time.  Sign up can be done online or in person after mass beginning June 18. 

OLIH Parish Directory