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Live Well Class Sessions

From: Monday, January 7 9:00 PM
To: Monday, March 4 10:00 PM

Holiday Stress Overriding Your Joy?

We know in our heart that JESUS is the reason for Christmas! But even doing our best to use our faith, for some of us, serious depression or anxiety can zap the joy out of our Christmas celebrations.

Knowing that Jesus is with us every day, we can do our best, lower our expectations, and accept that preparations, food, & gifts do not have to be perfect. We can just ENJOY the next few weeks with family & friends. Smile, laugh, and hug each other!

Come learn about our LIVE WELL classes: “Overcoming Anxiety & Depression” on January 7 at 6:30 pm. OLIH is hosting the ecumenical classes; watch for more details.


Live Well Class Sessions