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Liturgical Ministry Workshop

From: Saturday, September 7 9:00 AM
To: Sunday, September 8 11:45 AM

New and Current Lectors, Commentators, Eucharistic Ministers & Captains

Every so often in our service to the Church, it’s helpful to take a look at our ministry and to reconnect with the God who called us into ministry. Our liturgy committee is preparing a workshop for our 300 current Lectors, Commentators, Eucharistic Ministers and Captains, as well as anyone who is considering joining one of these ministries.

When you sign up you will indicate which day you are attending:

Saturday, September 7, 9:00-11:00 am, or

Sunday, September 8, 11:45 am-1:45 pm.

Each workshop will review and explore two of the four ministries, whether you are a new or current minister. A number of small, but important, changes to each ministry will be taught at these workshops. Fr. Michael requests every current minister’s participation insofar as is possible. It will be good to gather and break open how we lead our parish in praise of God!


Liturgical Ministry Workshop