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Let's go for a run in the morning!

From: Thursday, July 6 4:00 PM
To: Thursday, July 6 5:00 PM

Tomorrow is our first Friday in July – that means I’ll see you here at 5:30am!

Meet in the parking lot by the west doors (just outside room 9/kitchen area).

5:30am – short meet, greet, and pray

5:35am – go for a run! (see photo above for map) –

  • up Bel-Aire, over on 5th to NE Crestmoor PL. (.75 miles)
  • around crestmoor park (.61 miles) – lap as many or as few a times as you would like for the time frame!
  • Come back the way we went up – or come out at Innsbruck, then over on 5th to Trilein, down to First. (.77 miles)

6:10-6:15am – Return to OLIH

6:15-6:45am – Room 9

  • enjoy a simple breakfast: I’ll have steel cut oats, soaked in almond milk overnight, Fruit, Yogurt, Protein bars, Chocolate milk
  • (feel free to bring something else if you would like – this is my typical breakfast after I run)
  • Conversation about the blog, running and spirituality. Basically let’s share our experiences!

6:45am – head home to shower and get ready for the day!

Let's go for a run in the morning!